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Concierge services at Grandeur are offered in Gauteng, Northern Cape, and Northwest. The call-out fee is determined by the travel cost from our Satellite areas to your location.

Call-Outs are available 24/7, but fees may apply for requests made outside regular hours. Such requests may not be acknowledged until the next working day. We strive to accommodate your needs promptly. Our call fee for Gauteng is R5.50 per kilometre.


We take pride in using holistic medicine to achieve the wellness goals of each one of our clients.We want you to feel good, to go away calm and energized, confident in your strength and fortitude.

Our Mobile wellness Clinic services can be carried at your home, place of business, Events like Wedding, big conferences or other preferred location which we can approve, can perform all our health wellbeing services.

Frequently Asked

We provide mobile IV therapy services, bringing intravenous (IV) treatments directly to our clients’ preferred locations. Our team of licensed healthcare professionals administers fluids, vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial substances through an IV line for quick absorption and effective results.

Once you book an appointment with us, our licensed healthcare professionals will arrive at your designated location with all the necessary equipment and supplies. We assess your needs, discuss your goals, and recommend the most suitable IV treatment. Our team then administers the IV therapy safely and comfortably while you relax in your preferred setting.

Yes, our mobile IV therapy is safe when administered by our licensed healthcare professionals. We follow strict protocols to ensure sterile equipment, proper dosages, and a safe environment for each treatment. Additionally, we conduct assessments to determine the appropriateness of the therapy for your medical history and conditions.

The duration of a mobile IV therapy session depends on the specific treatment and your individual needs. Generally, a session can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Our healthcare professionals will inform you about the estimated duration during the consultation.

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