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Everyone is unique and has the potential to look and feel their best. We believe in using clinically-proven technologies in the spa and products that are not only effective, but also safe.

Our team of experts is committed to take care of you, from meticulous consultations to selecting trust-able and effective treatments and after-care products.

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The place of transformation


Your senses will come alive right away down here, but not in the way that a typical spa would. A friendly, lively beat will formally welcome you to The Grand Place as soon as Our glass doors open, You will be drawn in by the cosy lighting and our distinctive aroma. You will be surprised and delighted by what you discover. You'll feel welcomed and at home. Welcome inside.

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Marcia Mabaso
Marcia Mabaso
Amazing! Thank you so much Lungi and Mpho
Sechaba Thole
Sechaba Thole
Great service, great people, feel brand new after the Ivy drip 💧, feel relaxed after the Indian head massage which put me to sleep

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The Place Of Transformation

Grandeur Le Clinique

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